CPC meeting 12/13/2012

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Action items for this meeting

  1. Jo to submit invoice to town Accountant
  2. Mark to upload the two Step 2 apps to the website
  3. Preservation restriction subcommittee to meet and make suggestions at future meeting
  4. members to research and forward info to Mark re: template for grantee’s monthlyreporting requirements
  5. Jo to establish a grant agreement file- preferably electronic
  6. Jo to send grant award letters to the two grantees

Action items from this meeting

  1. Jo to forward financial forms & templates to MO
  2. Mo to review account balances and procedure with town accountant
  3. Mark to add new member to website info
  4. Mark to talk with Coalition re: preservation restrictions, grant restrictions &/or MOU with grant award letter
  5. Mark to talk with Coalition re: requirements for public hearings
  6. mark to talk with Coalition re: funding for projects similar to organ project
  7. Ted to Talk with town counsel re: preservation restrictions
  8. Jo to work with Mark to establish a grant agreement file
  9. Mike to make further revisions to CP Plan ie delete the new sections on “maintenance”
  10. Jo to email a reminder to the 2 grantees of Jan report requirement
  11. Jo to notify Shoe Shop Place & Nemasket window projects that they will be on spring town meeting agenda
  12. Jo to inform Shoe Shop Place of funding time limits for project implementation
  13. Jane to ask organ project to submit more info for Jan meeting

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