CPC Meeting 07/10/2014

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Action items for this meeting

  1. J. Ruthwicz to scan and send sign picture to Crutchfield Signs for pricing.
  2. Update Budget Tracker (Mo?)
  3. Mark Clarification on the Secretary of Interior Standards, required or suggested?
  4. Mark to upload pictures of CPA projects on website
  5. Confirm with J. Lopez to continue as Chairman

Action items from this meeting

  1. Jo to email grant agreement to town counsel – DONE
  2. Jo to send Jen: budget, grant agrmt, award ltrs & members info – DONE
  3. Mark to add Jen to cpc emails
  4. Jo to notify Oliver Estate applicants of Step 1 approval & to proceed with Step 2
  5. Jo to talk to Fire Chief re town seal for a CPC sign
  6. Jen to send Mark suggestions for survey- DONE
  7. Mark to update survey & send for mailing in G & E bills & online
  8. Jo to talk to town clerk re ATM certification
  9. Jen to talk with Robbins Museum re Step 1 application issues

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