CPC meeting 06/13/2013

meetingNote that this is a public meeting to discuss updates to the Community Preservation Plan.
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Action items for this meeting

  1. Preservation Restriction Sub-committee to meet to discuss requirements
  2. Mark to work on grant agreement
  3. Mo to reach out to other communities as to document management
  4. Ted to update members at June meeting of Open Space committee
  5. Jo to send our & Dartmouth’s grant agreements- members to review & discuss at next meeting
  6. Jo to submit both agreements to town counsel for opinion
  7. Colleen to write award notices for the 4 April ATM awardees – waiting for town meeting certification before can move forward
  8. Jo to contact museum re submit July app although realize they do not have a report yet due to April award for assessment; once report is completed they should resubmit app with more detail
  9. Jane to talk with the Oliver
  10. Jo to update project application & send to Mark for website
  11. Colleen to send Ruth reminder letter re Dave M’s replacment
  12. Jo to notify all grantees that the monthly reports are due
  13. Jo to work with Colleen re minutes

Action items from this meeting

  1. N/A

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