CPC meeting 02/14/2013

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Action items for this meeting

  1. Jo to prepare the four articles to be submitted to spring town meeting
  2. Jane to review Articles prior to submittal
  3. Schedule March CPA meeting as a public hearing for review of the updated CP Plan and ATM proposed projects
  4. Jo to notify all grantees that the March meeting will discuss their projects
  5. Jo to email Town Manager’s office to obtain salary rate for clerical position
  6. Jo to contact other board’s recording secretaries to submit letter of interest
  7. Mo to meet with town accountant
  8. Jo to work with Mark to establish a grant agreement file
  9. members can meet with Bridgewater CPC 1/16/13 noon at Barrett’s
  10. Mark to send Rich Young response to his questions re: what CPA funded projects have been inside a church
  11. preservation restriction sub-committee to meet to discuss requirements
  12. Jo to email a reminder to the 2 grantees of Feb report requirement
  13. Jo to contact Shoe Shop Place requesting anticipated date for DHCD grant notificationTBP
  14. Jo to work with Mark to establish a grant agreement file

Action items from this meeting

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