Project – 2015 – MHA Nemasket Apartments windows

Project Description In 1958 MHA constructed the first elderly housing development in Middleborough. This development is known as Nemasket Apartments. Nemasket -1 Apartments is located between Frank, Park and Sproat Streets and Nemasket -2 is located on Maddigan Way. Nemasket -1 Apartments, the location of the CPA project, consists of forty (40) one-bedroom units in a campus style setting with the apartments surrounding a grass park and a community building. The portion of our Nemasket Apartments Window Project to be funded with this Community Preservation grant will entail substitution of all of the original 1958 sliding windows in the twelve apartments located at 9 Hale Avenue and 21 Maddigan Way with energy efficient double hung windows. These buildings were chosen because 9 Hale Avenue will be complete installation of new windows in Nemasket -1 apartments and 21 Maddigan Way will begin installation of new windows in Nemasket -2. With the new windows in Nemasket -1 we will be able to identify utility cost savings. The existing apartment windows are single pane, metal sliding windows which are very inefficient (See Exhibit A – pictures of 9 Hale Avenue (rear) & 21 Maddigan Way (front) windows). We can no longer locate replacement parts for the window locking mechanism; the same situation exists for the window screens- which are now duct taped in. The windows are heavy and no longer able to be easily opened or closed by the elderly tenants. Tenants that have had the new windows installed from the FY14 CPA grant have informed us they love the ease of opening the windows and no longer have “cold breezes” coming in around the windows in the winter. (See Exhibit B – pictures of 15 Park Street) windows In 2009 MHA completed a Capital Needs Assessment which identified and prioritized the capital needs of all our housing developments. Window and door replacement at the Nemasket Apartments was listed

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