CPC meeting 05/10/2012

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Action items for this meeting

  1. Jo to distribute copies of the final Project Application to the Town Clerk and the Library.
  2. Jo to forward the final project app to all members
  3. Mike to edit and revise the CP Plan and submit to members for review
  4. Mo to prepare a spreadsheet for the FinCom meeting 4/23
  5. Mo, Jo & Mark to attend Fin Com meeting
  6. Jo to update tonight’s comments in draft project app & forward to Town Manager’s office for town dept distribution – town comments to be reviewed at next meeting

Action items from this meeting

  1. Mike to finalize the draft CP Plan and forward to Jo for distribution
  2. Jo to email the draft CP Plan to town depts. And distribute hard copies to the Town Clerk and the Library.
  3. Mark to put the Plan on the website
  4. Jo to contact the Selectmen’s secretary to reserve the BOS room for 6/6/12
  5. Jane to contact cable tv regarding televising the hearing
  6. Jane to prepare a press release that CP project apps available & hearing 6/6
  7. Mark to contact citizen requesting all CPA meetings be televised liveN/A

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