CPC meeting 03/14/2013

meetingNote that this is a public meeting to discuss updates to the Community Preservation Plan.
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Action items for this meeting

  1. Jane to post article re annual public hearing at March meeting
  2. Ted to contact Assessors for anticipated FY14 CPA revenue & forward info to Jo
  3. Jo to prepare the FY14 budget article & submit
  4. Mark to contact Stuart whether 10% of anticipated revues can be used ratherthan a specific dollar amount
  5. Jo to work with Mark to establish a grant agreement file
  6. Mark to send all the Bridgewater CPA consultant’s link
  7. preservation restriction sub-committee to meet to discuss requirements
  8. Jo to notify all grantees that the monthly reports are due
  9. Jo to send copy of the grant agreement award letter to all members
  10. Mark to contact Jeff Stevens re: adding wording on main sign not adding a 2nd sign
  11. Jo to contact all warrant article applicants to attend March meeting for review of warrant articles and CP Plan
  12. Jo to submit ethics form to Town Clerk

Action items from this meeting

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